Shepherds Junior

Why choose us?

1. We have an excellent academic track record.

Ever since our first lot of candidates sat for their KCPE exams in 1988 to the present day we have maintained our rank as one of the top private schools in Nairobi. Shepherds Junior School has bagged numerous awards over the years owing to great results in national examinations. Many of our former students have made their way into some of the top national and provincial schools in the country. Enrolling your child at SJS puts them in the best position to start building a foundation for their future probably because of reason number 2.

2. We offer a conducive and progressive learning environment.

SJS has highly qualified, competent and youthful teaching staff with diverse backgrounds able to cater for the equally diverse students assisted by a dedicated team of support staff. We have adequate infrastructure and staff to cater for growth while keeping our classroom population medium sized to allow each student to receive the required attention and enable classmates to grow as a unit. Our delivery of the curriculum has a fine tuned approach that sees our students enjoy their learning experience, adapt to different learning environments and engage fully in the process.

3. We don't just teach, we nurture and empower

We at SJS realize that our childen need to enjoy their childhood but at the same time gain skills and develop traits that will help them thrive in a competitive and demanding world. We emphasize on core values such as discipline, responsibility and accountability. SJS has a weekly pastoral programme that helps guide the students on matters of spirituality while at the same time appreciating that we students from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Shepherds Junior also offers loads of co-curricular activities that our students get to indulge in at scheduled times. These include; swimming, chess, music, scouting, dance, computer classes etc. We recognize special abilities and talents in the children and work to develop them. Guidance and counseling is also offered at SJS.

4. SJS has great facilities and services at affordable rates.

SJS offers transport, boarding facilities, free meals, an expansive library, a modern computer lab, swimming facilities etc. While all this has been made available to provide our students with the best primary school experience, careful consideration has been made to ensure our fees remain reasonable and affordable. Download our fees structure for details.

Great! So how do I enroll my child?

We announce interview dates at the beginning or towards the end of every term. Parents of students who pass their interviews will also be required to come in for a brief interactive session. Check our News/Calendar page for details or contact our front office for more information.